FLEXSON US 0.35m Short Power Cable for SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 & IKEA SYMFONISK (Each, Black)

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Flexson’s Short Power Cable for the SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 or IKEA SYMFONISK is a perfect solution if your speaker sits or is wall mounted close to a power socket, eliminating messy coils of cable.
The standard SONOS power cable for the SONOS ONE. PLAY:1 or IKEA SYMFONISK is 2 metres (6ft) long, which can leave a lot of trailing cable if your speaker sits far closer to the mains socket. The Flexson Short Power Cable for the SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 or IKEA SYMFONISK is a mere 35cm (13.7in) long, which allows for a far neater solution.
Ideal for kitchens, tabletops and wall mounting, the Flexson Short Power Cable for the SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 or  & IKEA SYMFONISK is a custom design for the speaker, complete with right-angled connector. It is available in black or white to match the SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 or IKEA SYMFONISK, plus there are versions with EU, UK and US. 
If you have the opposite problem – you want more cable length for your speakers – Flexson also sells Extension Cables for the full SONOS speaker range.
British brand, Flexson offers the world’s bestselling accessories for SONOS, with more than 75 solutions to help you get more from every SONOS product.

  • Short Power Cable - custom design for SONOS ONE, PLAY:1  or IKEA SYMFONISK speaker
  • Only 35cm (13.7in) long – compared to standard SONOS power cable, which is 2m (6ft) long
  • Eliminates ugly cable clutter
  • Ideal for kitchens, tabletops and wall mounting
  • Black and White versions to match your SONOS ONE, PLAY:1  & IKEA SYMFONISK
  • UK, UK and US plug editions
  • Flexson Extension Cables also available, along with 75+ other bestselling accessories for SONOS